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November 13, 2017
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November 13, 2017

cable Industry in india

1. Havells India Ltd.

Established in 1958, with revenue of more than a billion dollars in 2015, Havells is one among the most important and first-rate selling electric powered equipment corporations in India. It is one of the top 10 electrical wire companies in India. A massive sort of products ranging from business and domestic circuit protection switchgear, bendy cables and wires, lighting fixtures, automobiles, enthusiasts, water warmers, strength capacitors is being produced at 12 distinct plants of Havells in India, it is considered as one of the top 10 electrical wire companies in India.

2.Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables is a subsidiary company of Finolex Group. Their years of struggle seem to pay off with their name now counted in the Top 10 electrical companies in the country. From light duty to power, control and communication, they feature every sort of wire and cable that comes under industry’s requirements.



3.Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Establishment : 1968

Website –


4 KEI Industries Ltd..

Establishment : 1968

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5 Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Establishment – 1995

Website –

The Bhubaneshwar power plant produces high voltage power plant with as much a high voltage as 66kV. The company has a wide range of products, which include the wide range of product, as wide as from railway signals to the household wiring. The company also produces special alloy conductors and ACSS conductors. The company is also planning to extend its production units in the recent years.

6.LS Cable India Pvt. Ltd.
Establishment – 1962

Website –

As the tagline goes, “Your No. 1 creative partner”, the company has been one of the most creative ones in the department and that is surely one of the strict reasons why this company has been among the top 10 cable companies in India. The company has provided the users with Fire-proof cable, Special cables for mining industry, Reeling cable with fiber optics and many more which makes it well desireable for all the fields in the nation.

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