Sulfuric Acid msds


Chemical Name: Sulfuric Acid  ,Formula : H2SO4
Synonyms : Hydrogen Sulfate, Oil of Vitriol,Vitriol Brown Oil,Matting Acid,Battery Acid,Sulphuric Acid.


Physical State : Liquid
Appearance : clear colorless – oily liquid
Odor : odorl ess
pH : 0.3
Vapor Pressure : 1 mm Hg @ 145.8 deg C
Vapor Density : 3.34
Evaporation Rate : Slower than ether.
Viscosity : 22 mPas @ 25 deg C
Boiling Point : 340 deg C
Freezing/Melting Point : 10.35 deg C
Auto ignition Temperature : Not available.
Flash Point : Not available.
Decomposition Temperature : 342 deg C
NFPA Rating : (estimated) Health: 3; Flammability: 0; Reactivity: 2.
Explosion Limits, Lower : Not available.
Solubility : Soluble.
Specific Gravity/Density : 1.841
Molecular Formula : H2SO4
Molecular Weight : 98.12


Appearance: clear colorless – oily liquid.

Danger- Corrosive. Causes eye and skin burns. May cause severe respiratory tract irritation with possible burns. May cause severe digestive tract irritation with possible burns. Cancer hazard. May cause fetal effects based upon animal studies. May cause kidney damage. May be fatal if inhaled. May cause lung damage. Hygroscopic. Strong oxidizer. Contact with other material may cause a fire. May cause severe eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation with possible burns.
Target Organs: Kidneys, heart, lungs, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, teeth, eyes.