Factory Act
October 14, 2017
Mines Act-Introduction
October 14, 2017

Factories Act-Rules & facilities


  1. Night Shifts. Where a worker in a factory works on a. shift which extends beyond midnight, (a) his weekly holiday and compen­satory holiday means a period of holiday for 24 consecutive hours beginning when his shift ends, and (b) the following day for him shall be deemed to be the period. of 24 hours beginning when such shift ends and the hours he has worked after midnight shall be counted in the previous day.
  2. Overlapping Shifts. Work shall not be carried on in any factory by means of a system of shifts so arranged. That more than one relay of workers is engaged in work of the same kind at the same time. The State Government or the Chief Inspector may grant exemption from this rule.
  3. Double Employment. No adult worker shall be required or allowed to work in any factory on any day on which he has already been working in any other factory, save In such circumstances as may be prescribed.
  4. Notice of Periods of Work. There must be displayed in every factory a notice showing periods of work of adults, classification of workers in groups according to nature of their work, shifts and relays etc. Change made in the system of work must be notified to the Inspector before change. The manager of every factory must maintain a Register of Adult Workers showing the name of each worker, the nature of his work, the group in which he is included, the relay in which he is allotted etc. The hours of work of an adult worker- must correspond with the notice referred to above and the Register.



If the factory employs more than 500 workers, an ambulance room in the charge of such medical and nursing staff as prescribed shall be provided and maintained.


Canteens are to be provided in factories employing over 250 workers and lunch rooms, shelters and rest rooms in those employing more than 150 workers. In every factory wherein more than 30 women workers are employed, there shall be provided and maintained a suitable room or rooms for the use of children under the age of six years of such women.


In every factory wherein 500 or more workers are ordinarily employed, the occupier shall employ in the factory such number of Welfare Officers as may be prescribed.


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