petrochemical process

  • The Basic building Block Processes:-

Petrochemical industry is based on intermediates Known Petrochemical Processes: Thermal cracking; catalytic cracking and steam reforming:-

Thermal Cracking:-

  • It is known as steam cracking is used for manufacture of ethylene.
  • Feed stock’s – ethane, propane, naphtha and gas oils.
  • When ethane is cracked → ethylene
  • Propane →  propane + co-product
  • Naphtha and gas oil  → propylene, butane, butadiene and aromatic compounds.


Catalytic reforming

  • Used for making BTX.
  • Feedstock: naphtha


Steam reforming

  • Used for producing a mix of CO and H2.
  • Intermediate for making NH3, CH3OH