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October 1, 2017
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October 8, 2017

labour Policy and Purpose

Labour laws are the laws which deal with the employment and labour related issues. Labour laws deal with the disputes between the employer and employee, regarding wages, pension, insurance of employees etc. In India labour Laws are also known as Industrial Laws or Employment Laws due to the fact that it deals mostly with the employment, wages and termination issues of labours working in industries.

Purpose of labour legislation:

Labour legislation that is adapted to the economic and social challenges of the modern world of work fulfils three crucial roles:

  • It establishes a legal system that facilitates productive individual and collective employment relationships, and therefore a productive economy;
  • by providing a framework within which employers, workers and their representatives can interact with regard to work‐related issues, it serves as an important vehicle for achieving harmonious industrial relations based on workplace democracy;
  • It provides a clear and constant reminder and guarantee of fundamental principles and rights at work which have received broad social acceptance and establishes the processes through which these principles and rights can be implemented and enforced.



Our policy towards labor has been evolving towards maintaining industrial peace as well as promoting labor welfare and provides for.

  • A framework for employee-employer relationship
  • conciliation mechanism for high investment projects
  • enforcement of child labor Act
  • creating new jobs
  • social security for workers
  • long term settlements
  • prioritization of fund allocation
  • labor reforms
  • amendments to labor judiciary
  • amendments to industrial dispute Act
  • more labor sectors covered under minimum wages Act
  • enhance medical facilities for workers
  • providing robust industrial training
  • habilitation for displaced workers
  • modern functioning of employment exchanges




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