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January 10, 2018
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Total Productive Maintenance- TPM

Total Productive Maintenance

TPM brings maintenance into focus as a vital part of business. Maintenance downtime is included in manufacturing scheduling, and in many cases, becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process. TPM assigns the responsibility for preventative and routine maintenance to the same people who operate that individual equipment.

The Three goals of TPM are:

  • Zero unplanned failures (no small stops or slow running)
  • Zero product defects
  • Zero accidents


This refers to the five Japanese words seiri, seiton, seison, seiketsu, shitsuke. The key target of 5S is to keep the workplaces clean and organized.


Dojo is however an internal training facility to practise this improvement method.

First time right

This expression emphasizes the importance of doing things correct the first time. After all, rework will reduce the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Gemba is a Japanese term for ‘place where it happens’, here this is the manufacturing floor. The saying “go to the gemba” means that managers should visit their shop floor frequently to discover problems and to help to realize improvements (go and see).


literally this means adjusting a process (kai) to become good (zen). However, Kaizen also stands for implementing small improvements, step-by-step. See also: SGA.


Labelling involves the marking of things that are desired or not. Labelling methods vary from cards with desired repair-actions and target dates on it, to marking the correct position of a temperature indicator.

Model machine

During the implementation of TPM, this machine is ahead of the other equipment regarding optimization and standardization by rolling out the TPM pillars.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

This index number for the machine efficiency is multiplication of several sub-indicators, which all have a value between 0 and 1, and 100%. Usually, at least the following sub-indicators are included in the OEE: 

  • The machine availability A = (scheduled production time – standstill)/( scheduled production time)
  • The relative machine performance P = (average processing time)/(fastest possible processing time)
  • The Quality Q = the fraction approved products

  OEE = A x P x Q x 100%.






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