Metals uses

1) Aluminum Al A light metal used in making airplanes, buildings, pots & pans, etc.
2) Bromine Br Used in photography, medicines, insecticides, etc.
3) Calcium Ca A soft, metallic chemical element found in limestone, marble, chalk, etc.
4) Carbon C Found in coal, oil gas, living things, & inks
5) Chlorine Cl Used in bleach, in chemicals to kill germs in swimming pools, & found with the element sodium in table salt
6) Chromium Cr A shiny metal used on bumpers of some cars, household fixtures, etc.
7) Copper Cu A metal used for electric wires, pots, pans, & pennies
8) Gold Au A metal used for jewelry & precious decorative pieces
9) Helium He A gas much lighter than air used in blimps & balloons
10) Hydrogen H A flammable & explosive gas
11) Iodine I Used on cuts & wounds to kill germs
12) Iron Fe A strong metal used in the construction of buildings, steel, & machines
13) Lead Pb A metal used in automobile batteries & in fishing & diving weights
14) Mercury Hg A heavy, poisonous liquid used in some thermometers
15) Neon Ne A gas used in many lights & signs
16) Nickel Ni A metal used in coins
17) Nitrogen N The main gas in the air, also used in fertilizers
18) Oxygen O A gas necessary for respiration; aids burning
19) Platinum Pt An expensive metal used in jewelry
20) Potassium K Found in fertilizers
21) Silicon Si Used in electronics & in compounds for making glass
22) Silver Ag Used in tableware, jewelry, photography, medicines, & coins
23) Sodium Na Soft metal that combines with chlorine to make table salt
24) Sulfur S Used to make sulfuric acid & some medicines such as pet powders
25) Tin Sn Used to make cans
26) Tungsten W A metal used in light bulb filaments
27) Uranium U A metal used in some nuclear reactions
28) Zinc Zn A metal that prevents rust & is used in dry cell batteries