Noise pollution industry Act
October 20, 2017
Permissible Exposure Limits for Noise
October 20, 2017

Ambient Air Quality standards in respect of Noise


 Ambient Air Quality standards in respect of Noise 

Area Code Category of Area/Zone Limits in dB(A) Leq*

Day Time           Night Time

(A) Industrial area 75                                       70
 (B) Commercial area 65                                        55
 (C) Residential area 55                                        45
 (D) Silence Zone 50                                       40


    Category of Vehicle                                   Noise limit in dB(A)


(a)Motorcycle, scooters and three                                    80


(b)Passenger Cars                                                            82

(c)Passenger or commercial vehicles                               85

up to 4 MT

(d)Passenger or commercial vehicles                               89

above 4 MT and upto 12 MT

(e)Passenger or commercial vehicles                               91

exceeding 12 MT




Category of Domestic Appliances/                        Noise limits in dB(A)

Construction Equipment’s

a)Window air conditioners of 1 tonne                                  68

to 1.5 tonne

(b)Air Coolers                                                                      60

(c)Refrigerators                                                                   46

(d)Diesel Generator for domestic purposes                      85 – 90

(e)Compactors (rollers), Front loaders,                              75

Concrete mixers, Cranes(movable)


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