Paper Mill Industry
September 29, 2017
Employees compensation Act
October 1, 2017

Paper Mill Industry


Century Pulp and Paper

Established Year: 1984

Total Revenue and Profit: Total Turnover is over Rs 926 Crore to Rs 1000 Crore

Core Business: Printing and Writing Paper, Tissue Paper, RGP Products & Board

Major Products: Soft Tissues Grades – Facial, Napkin, Toilet and Kitchen Towel, Brand Names like Century Elanza, Century Green, etc

Corporate Office and Branches: Mumbai, It has one more unit in Uttarakhand and 2 branches in New Delhi and Kolkata

Number of Employees: 2620


  1. The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited

Established Year: 1964

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is Rs 640 Crore to Rs 700 Crore

Core Business: Paperboard and Pulp

Major Products: India’s first Copier with Color freeze technology – Copyrite, Premium Grade 70 GSM Copier, Andhra Starwhite, Primavera, Silk

Corporate Office and Branches: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh with 2 units in AP and branches in 4 other cities of India

Number of Employees: Around 4000 to 4500


  1. West Coast Paper Mills Limited

Established Year: 1955

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is Rs 630 Crore

Core Business: Paper and Pulp etc

Major Products: Brand like Hi-Bright, Copier Papers etc

Corporate Office and Branches: Bangalore, Karnataka, 1 unit in Karnataka and branches in 3 other cities

Number of Employees: 2500


  1. Murli Industries Limited

Established Year: 1991

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is Rs 520 Crores

Core Business: Paperboard and Pulp

Major Products: Galaxy – Grey Back Duplex Board, Hi Bright Crystal, Star Grey Back and Star White Back in Duplex Board

Corporate Office and Branches: Corporate office in Nagpur and only one unit.

Number of Employees: 1000 to 1600



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