Paper manufacturing process
September 29, 2017
Paper Mill Industry
September 29, 2017

Paper Mill Industry

Top 10 Paper Mill Industries in India

  1. ITC Paper Boards

Established Year : 1979,

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is Rs 2920/- to Rs 3000/-

Core Business: Paperboard, Pulp etc

Major Products: Alfa zap, HiZine, Perma White, DigiArt,

Corporate Office and Branches: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh with branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai

Number of Employees: 3900 to 4000


  1. Ballarpur Industries Limited

Established Year: 1945

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is Rs 2700 Crore to Rs 3000 Crore Core Business: Coated Paper, Paperboard, pulp

Major Products: New shades in extensible sack craft paper, NSD premium paper, Colored matrix mixed grades, BCB 400 gsm, Ten on Ten, P3, LWC paper

Corporate Office and Branches: Head office in Gurgaon, Haryana, branches in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi with 6 units all over India

Number of Employees: 2600 to 3000


  1. Abhishek Industries Limited

Established Year: Incorporated in 1990

Total Revenue and Profit: Rs 1800 Crore to Rs 1850 Crore in revenue

Core Business: Home Textile, Yarn, Paper, Chemicals etc

Major Products: Spectra Copier Paper, My Choice Copier paper, LOTUS premium Copier paper, Crystal Line SSM Paper, Diamond Line SSM Paper, Nature Line shade paper, Prime Line writing paper

Corporate Office and Branches: Ludhiana, Punjab, branches in Chandigarh and New Delhi

Number of Employees: 12,380


  1. JK Paper Limited

Established Year: 1966

Total Revenue and Profit: Turnover is over Rs 1300 Crore

Core Business: Notebooks, Paperboards, Stationery items etc

Major Products: JK Paper launched products in 2008 like Branded Copier – Cedar, Packaging Board – JK Endura, JK IV Board, JK Pristine Cote, Stationery – Note Pal, JK Printblank

Corporate Office and Branches: Corporate Office in New Delhi with units in Orissa, Central Pulp in Gujarat etc

Number of Employees: 3200 to 3500



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