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August 9, 2017
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August 9, 2017

Petrochemical Properties and significance

Different Petrochemical Products of Significance:-
• Wax: petrochemical products also includes wax as it is a by- product of petroleum and is widely used to make candles, various types of polishes, cartons and so forth.
• Synthetic: This is another by product that is of immense importance and which is obtained by refining petroleum. Synthetic is used as a raw material for manufacturing different types of garments.
• Fertilizers: It is also used as fertilizers to protect crops from damage. Various kinds of pesticides and insecticides are manufactured using petrochemical products.
• Preservatives: these products also act as preservatives to canned food. It is also used for producing different types of vitamins.
• Soaps and detergents: it is a main ingredient in detergents and soaps.
• Dyes: petrochemical products also include dyes which are used in ink pens. It is also included in cloth dyes.
• Plastic commodities: majority of the plastic containers, plates and cups contain this by- product of crude oil. It is one of the widely and commonly used products as it is made of polyester.
• Plasters: petrochemical products are being used for the manufacture of non stick pads, used extensively in the medical field.
• Sports shoes: are also manufactured with the use of these by- products. The flexible rubber shoes are the results of the extensive use of synthetics which remain intact in all weathers.
• Explosives: most of the explosives contain petroleum products.

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