Top 20 Food Processing Company
September 8, 2017
Introduction and classification
September 9, 2017

Top 20 Food Processing Company

15. Usher Agro

Revenue: Rs 450 Crore to Rs 600 Crore

Established Year: 1996 in UP

Corporate Office: Mumbai

Core Business and Products: Core product is Wheat and Rice products. Some of the brands are Swagat Rice, Rasoi Raja Halwai Maida, Sooji, Rasoi Raja Parmal, Rasio Raja Barn etc


16. Hatsun Agro

Revenue:Rs 1200 Crore to Rs 1600 Crore

Established Year: Founded in 1986 by R G Chandramohan

Corporate Office: Chennai, located in 10 locations with over 3 lakhs farmers

Core Business and Products: Dairy Products are their core business. Popular brands are Arokya, HATSUN, Arum Icecream, ibaco


17. Foods and Inns

Revenue: Rs 300 Crore to Rs 400 Crore

Established Year: Company started in 1940 during second world war

Corporate Office: Mumbai, India

Core Business and Products: Core business food processing and packaging. Brands are Totapuri Mango Concentrate, Papaya Red Concentrate, Alphonso Mango Puree, Kesar mango Puree etc


18. Heritage Foods

Revenue: Rs 150 Crore to Rs 200 Crore

Established Year: Company was founded by Chandra Babu Naidu in the year 1992

Corporate Office: Hyderabad, AP

Core Business and Products: Milk Products like Ice Cream, Beverages, etc. Brands are under Heritage name.


19. Modern Dairies

Revenue: Rs 125 Crore to Rs 150 Crore

Established Year: Modern Dairy was established in year 2000 and is an ISO certified company

Corporate Office: Chandigarh, India

Core Business and Products: Core business is production of milk and milk based products


20. Vikas Granaries

Revenue: Rs 100 Crore to Rs 125 Crore

Established Year: Vikas Granaries was incorporated in 1995 and ISO certified company.

Corporate Office: Hisar, Haryana

Core Business and Products: Some of the products are Guar Crop, Guar Plant, Guar Seeds, Guar Powder



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