Types of cable-single core cable
November 13, 2017
Armoured and Unarmoured cables
November 13, 2017

Core cable-2,3,3.5,4

Two Core Cable

In 2 Core cable, one conductor acts as a face and another acts as natural conductors, both the conductors have equal cross sectional area.

It is used in telephone service and to connect computer devices.


Three Core Cable

In 3 Core cable all the conductors have equal cross sectional area. 3 strands carry R,Y & B phase respectively

It is used as a Neutral wire.


Core Cable-3.5

  • 3conductors are having the same cross sectional area & are used for 3 different phase. Therefore this conductor is treated as half conductor and hence the name is 3.5 core cable.
  • It is used to carry the Neutral Current.


Four Core Cable

in case of unbalanced load some neutral current exists. Therefore in some cases 4 core cable is proffered.

It is used for lighting, load distribution & applications where unbalanced loading conditions occur frequently


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