Top 20 Food Processing Company
September 8, 2017
Top 20 Food Processing Company
September 8, 2017

Top 20 Food Processing Company

8. Rasana International Private Limited

Revenue: Rs 1000 Crore to Rs 1200 Crore

Established Year: Established in year 1993 and India’s number one beverage exporting company.

Corporate Office: Headquartered in New Delhi with 6 mother depots and 35 other depots with 700 sales force

Core Business and Products: Core business is beverage. Popular Brand Names are FruitPlus, Squash, Glucon D, Rasna


9. Vadilal Industries Limited

Revenue: Rs 4.5 Billion to Rs 5 Billion

Established Year: Founded in 1907 by the Ghandi Family in Ahmadabad is conglomerate.

Corporate Office: Ahmadabad, Gujarat with over 1000 Employees and an ISO certified company.

Core Business and Products: Ice Cream and Processed Food. Ice cream brand is Vadilal Ice Creams, Kulfi, 3 Scoops.


10. MTR Foods

Revenue: Rs 450 Crore to Rs 500 Crore

Established Year: MTR Foods was founded in 1924 by Miaya Family.

Corporate Office: Bangalore, Karnataka with few outlets in Bangalore.

Core Business and Products: Some of the products are Snaks, Masala Powder, Sweet Mixes, Vermicelli, Pickles, Soups, Papad etc. Popular Brands are MTR Snack Up, MTR Sambar Powder, MTR Gulab Jamun Mix etc


11. Lakshmi Energy

Revenue: Rs 820 Crore to Rs 1000 Crore

Established Year: Company was started in 1981 by Mr B S Uppal

Corporate Office: Bandra, Mumbai

Core Business and Products: Food Processing and some of the major products are RicePower, Rice Bran Oil, Wheat Floor, Cattle Feed


12. KRBL

Revenue: Rs 640 Crore to Rs 800 Crore

Established Year: Established in 1889 and founded by Kushi Ram and Behari Lal at Lyallpur.

Corporate Office: New Delhi, India

Core Business and Products: Rice production is core business. Some of the popular brands are India Gate Basmati Rice, Doon, Nur Jahan, Unity, Taj Mahal Tilla, Shubh Mangal, Kohinoor Basmati Rice


13. LT Foods

Revenue: Rs 1250 Crore to Rs 1500 Crore

Established Year: In the year 1990 Mr Vijay Kumar founded LT foods. It is an ISO certified company.

Corporate Office: Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, in 2006 it got listed on BSE.

Core Business and Products: Rice production is core business. Flagship brand is Dawaat, Rozana Gold Basmati Rice, Chefz Secretz etc


14. Kohinoor Foods

Revenue: Rs 1200 Crore to Rs 1500 Crore

Established Year: Company was founded in 1976 by three brothers in Amritsar.

Corporate Office: New Delhi, India with over 200 thousand retail outlets, 100 super distributors and 600 stockists

Core Business and Products: Producing finest Basmati Rice.


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